Ball mill made by Strommashina (BM) arrow Kit of rubber lining for СМ6002А BMC 1,35x1,5 BMC 1350x1500
Kit of rubber lining for СМ6001А BMC 1,5x3 BMC 1500х3000Kit of rubber lining for СМ6003А BMG 1,5x1,6 BMG 1500х1600

Kit of rubber lining for СМ6002А BMC 1,35x1,5 BMC 1350x1500

Manufactured: Strommashina

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Manufactured: Strommashina

For the last year’s different kind of rubber compounds, which has high durability, elasticity and resistance to deformation were established in Russia and in foreign countries. In the recent time these developments found more and more applying in sphere of protection details of miming equipment.

Drawing on the best world and national experience MGM-Group offers their clients the highest-quality and affordable rubber linings for the whole range of industrial mills.

Exploitation of these rubber linings will help you to improve longevity and reliability of your equipment, reduce the consumption of expensive materials, and reduce the cost of maintenance and rehabilitation. Also it will help you to improve the working conditions of service and support staff, and decrease in the level of noise.

More information about the issue you can find on our website in section Complete with a rubber lining.