The delegation visited the MGM Group production plants Russell Mineral Equipment (Australia)

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MGM Group delegation led by the Director Maxim Kuznetsov visited manufacturing plants Company Russell Mineral Equipment (Australia).

The main purpose of the visit - to obtain data on new and promising developments RME, familiarity with the culture of production, participation in the technical acceptance control products. Also during the visit were negotiated and signed contracts to supply equipment for perefuterovki pulverizing mills for Russian consumers in 2012.

Maxim Kuznetsov and Brett Morgan1st_Russian_on_7axis

"Such a close relationship with our partners in Australia allows MGM-Group the most qualitatively inform Russian mining companies on whether the introduction of modern equipment for perefuterovki mills, which aims to improve the economic performance of the enterprise. Besides all the equipment Russell Mineral Equipment operates in strict accordance with the motto of "Fast. Reliably. Safe. "Modern Russian companies have been able to appreciate the high level of equipment RME. Even more relevant this equipment in new projects, which involve the use of limited park mills in providing unique vyskokim performance of each piece of equipment." - Said Maxim Kuznetsov (MGM-Group).

"The company MGM-Group has a close relationship with the existing processing industry in Russia and CIS" brown fields "and already supplies products Russell Mineral Equipment for these enterprises. Our relationship has lasted for 3 years and this visit reflects the development of relations and the prospects for the future. Unfortunately most of the factories in Russia and the CIS countries have very limited space to service the mills, which makes the selection of effective machinery for perefuterovki. We are confident that this visit and further cooperation will enable us to select the optimal set of equipment for each customer that is interested in the efficient operation of processing equipment and labor safety "- Brett Morgan (Russell Mineral Equipment).

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