Durable polyurethane products

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Polyurethanes - the most versatile materials available for practical use. Applications of polyurethane elastomers and types of products are determined by a unique set of physical and chemical properties provided by our materials - from soft rubbers to engineering plastics. The higher cost of products from molded polyurethane compensated eventually reducing downtime and costs for repairs, creating, thus, a significant savings. Products from molded polyurethane are much longer than their counterparts in any other materials, they are strong, durable. There are a number of applications where polyurethanes submitted the only acceptable materials. MGM fabric

Polyurethane products are produced by free casting is not required, unlike thermoplastics and rubber, complex and expensive molds. This feature, combined with the availability of different types of machining allows you to quickly and inexpensively solve the problem of small-scale production and piece goods, including import substitution. Therefore, polyurethane technology is of great interest for the rapid production of components for repair work in all kinds of industries.

Characteristics of polyurethanes:

  • High abrasion resistance. Due to this property polyurethanes are known in the art. Products made of polyurethane up to 50 times more durable than rubber, plastic, in some applications - ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This longevity often means that polyurethane parts can be made with a smaller amount of material, by weight, require less maintenance, ultimately creating significant cost savings.

  • Shore A hardness in the range of 65-95 units. Polyurethane - one of the toughest, most abrasion-resistant elastomer, are not subject to fault under load

  • High tensile strength and resistance to cuts spread, resistance to chopping blows. Products made of polyurethanes with shape and mechanical properties after the application of cyclic loads.

  • High elasticity. Products made of polyurethanes well withstand repeated bending without breaking. High strength polyurethane allows their use in thin layers to improve the elasticity in dynamic applications.

  • Coefficient of friction. Polyurethanes can be made with the coefficient of friction is very low, like bushings, bearings or replace, to very high, like tires or rollers. The natural lubricity of polyurethanes allows their use with other moving parts with no grease.

  • Operating temperature range of -50 to product +80 º C, briefly up to +100 º C. Polyurethanes remain flexible at very low temperatures, and have outstanding resistance to thermal shock.

  • High elasticity and flexibility in a wide range of hardness, resistance to multiple deformation and without fault. Extension up to 650%.

  • Low compression when the load is removed. Polyurethanes have a high load capacity in shear.

  • Good adhesion to most materials. Ability to manufacture reinforced parts.

  • Good chemical resistance to oils, oil, organic solvents.

  • Offers excellent resistance to adverse weather conditions - moisture, ozone, UV radiation, micro-organisms, the combined effect of friction and corrosive environments.

  • The use of polyurethane to reduce product weight up to 50%, reduce system noise and vibration in the working mechanisms compared with metals.

  • Most polyurethanes - excellent electrical insulators.

Main products:

Bushings, gaskets, seals

Screens, polyurethane sheet lining

The guide rollers

Impeller and stators

Polyurethane plates, blocks, cylinders

Technological plates and strips

Products for cleaning oil-pipe

Scrapers to clean the pipes with a diameter of 89 mm to 1420 mm

Polyurethane spray

In the absence of products in the product range, our experts will design and fabricate the necessary equipment for their production.