Hammer of Thunderbolts 750

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Hammer of Thunderbolts 750 production RME, delivering blows of the high-capacity 750 Joules, two beats per second, replace the work of heavy demolition hammers, hydraulic stone crushers, pnevmoraskrepiteley and heavy punches. This hammer is suitable for large mills with heavier linings and large bolts, where the use of pneumatic hammers enough and Hammers are not a safe alternative.

Energy source

For every 750 Hammer Thunderbolt Thunderbolt requires hydraulic generator, the characteristics of which may allow 3 stages (380, 415, 480, 525, 575, 600 volts at 50 or 60 Hz).

Suspension hammer

Each hammer Thunderbolt 750 can be suspended by a crane suspended ceiling (only recommended for initial testing because of its high demand during idle factories), a monorail with a double tube or telescopic girder cranes.

The use of a hammer

Hammer Thunderbolt 750 is a revolutionary step for the removal of worn liners and bolts lining mills of various sizes. Hammer Thunderbolt also found its application in various problems such as:

  • Maintenance of heavy earthmoving equipment
  • Service crushers (remove the nut)
  • Dragline service (change of wedges)
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