RUSSELL 3 Manipulator lining plates

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Manipulator mill liners RME RUSSELL 3 has a capacity ranging from 500 kg to 1500 kg and usually has access to the mill through the loading end. Suitable for mills of small and medium size, with a diameter of unloading / loading pipe mill more than 900 mm. Triaxial Manipulators linings are used for mills, which load 400 kg manipulator MILLMAST failure, and all mountain sites that have no limits in space in front of the mill.

Manipulator mill liners RUSSELL 3 has three-axis suspension lining crane mechanism and has a stationary eye for hanging ropes.

Moving the machine as a standard option, R2M done in two directions along the tracks, power-driven mills along the axes, and without power drive to the side.

RUSSELL 3 is equipped with a hydraulic generator, which provides a powerful, reliable and accurate control engineer.

Variants of features designed-to-order:

  • Adjustment to the fastening device to operate at multiple mills
  • Four-wheel drive, two-wheel drive four-wheel drive
  • Four-wheel drive, four-wheel all-wheel drive
  • LED lighting
  • Cover to hide the manipulator
  • Remote control truck for lining
  • Cable Winder