RUSSELL 3S manipulator lining plates

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Manipulator RUSSELL 3S mill linings for mills designed with plenty of space at one end of the mill and the lining plates weighing up to 1,000 kg. For mills with insufficient space in the boot or the discharge end, the decisions of RME will MILLMAST MILLMAST classic and Powershift. RUSSELL 3S provides value for money, a standardized solution, backed by the legendary reliability of products RME and posleservisnym service. Following options are available for machines RUSSELL 3S:

  • Raising / Lowering, one-sided rails or rubber tires 3 x 1 (three wheels with a single drive)
  • Telescopic boom (depending on the size of the mill)
  • Trolley liner with power-driven, and without, or conveyor to transport to the mill liners and from
    Stand-alone hydraulic generator

    RUSSELL 3S are available for quick delivery to mills from 10 feet to 28 feet in diameter and a length of 12 feet to 30 feet. The minimum required input diameter of 800 mm. Get in touch with RME for more information or to obtain the value of quota.