RUSSELL 3V manipulator lining plates

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Russell_3v Manipulator liners RUSSELL 3V developed plate lifting and maneuvering in the vertical pulverizing mills. When used in combination with the included adapters, tools, plate provides lifting and moving the worn boards of the mill. RUSSELL 3V manipulator adapted for vertical mills, which was constructed. RME offers manipulator RUSSELL 3V capacity up to 10 tons. Key features RUSSELL 3V following:

  • Especially for the low-profile vertical mills lining (easily fits muzhdu recesses)
  • Proportional hydraulic control for precise positioning
  • Remote control panel for better control and safety
  • Robust construction and fixed support for better stability and accuracy
  • Specific problem (apart from the competition by raising the required functions of blocks)
  • Custom-made to meet the requirements of the mining facilities