RUSSELL 7 machines to replace the lining plate

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Machines to replace the mill linings RME, RUSSELL 7, have a capacity of 1500 kg to 7250 kg, and typically have access to the mill by the end of the boot. These machines are suitable to replace the lining for large SAG, AG (SAG, SAG) and ball mills. The required minimum diameter of the inlet diameter is determined by the functional flour mills, the mill length and size of machines.

Seventh-axis, known as the "axis of the tube exciting," allows you to adjust the deviation is necessary for an exact match with the holes for the screws, especially when there is a severe fit of lining plates, such as lifts pulp.

Additional options:

  • Additional fixing devices suitable for a number of mills
    xenon lights
    remote control
  • The control lever console operator's seat
  • Cases for storage of machinery
  • Rubber tires or rails
  • Diesel engine for transportation