RUSSELL 7 The system of two machines to replace the lining with a 7-osnym manipulator

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System of two machines to replace linings mills, RUSSELL TWIN 7 work simultaneously in combined mode, accelerating perefuterovki in medium-sized mills, where vosmiosevaya car is not the best one, and allow the mill to return to work in the shortest period of time. Efficiency is increased by the fact that each machine is used for lifting and autonomous positioning liners in pulverizing mills. Placing plates can occur simultaneously on both sides of the mill without mutual interference.


  • Additional fixing devices suitable for a number of mills
  • Remote control
  • Xenon lights work site
  • Ladder for safe landing on the ball inside the mill load
  • Mobile access steps
  • Control lever console operator
  • Mounted in front of a moving lever to the seat
  • 4x4 drive system - four-wheel-drive four
  • Cases cover manipulators for downtime