RUSSELL 8 machines to replace the lining plates

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Machines to replace mill liners RME, RUSSELL 8, have capacities from 3500 kg to 6000 kg and usually have access to the mill through the loading end. These machines are suitable to replace linings for mills of medium to large size, SAG and AG (SAG and SAG), and delivers the best record in the world on the effectiveness of replacing the lining blocks one machine with the advantages of a telescopic functions capture.

Machine to replace the mill liners RME, RUSSELL 8, has eight axes of motion for fast positioning liners. Telescopic grip for quick installation of lining in-depth section about the discharge end. Power-driven tool to install bolts for fast and reliable vmontirovanie liners.

The hydraulic power unit delivers a powerful, reliable and precise control.

Machine to replace the lining mills RME, RUSSELL 8, equipped RT4x2 large rubber tires, four wheels and dvuhprivodnym control. Options proposed for the manufacture of technical customer orders include:

  • Additional fixing devices suitable for a number of mills
  • Xenon lights work site
  • Ladder for access to download from the beam mill machinery
  • Mobile access steps
  • Control lever console operator
  • Mounted in front of a moving lever to the seat
  • 4x4 drive system - four-wheel-drive four
  • Covers for Cars
  • Remote control