T-MAG guide for shock peaks Thunderbolt

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The primary role of directing T-MAG in the implementation process for the knockout bolts faster and safer.

Runners T-MAG provide drivers a better opportunity Molotov Thunderbolt "sighting" of the shock relative to the peaks of bolts.

Runners T-MAG increase work safety - as possible sparks or debris during ground spikes and screws are concealed housing guide. Besides directing T-MAG held securely on the drum mill and allow staff to keep well away from the contact.

New device T-MAG (hammer guide Thunderbolt) is the latest innovation in the field of removal of bolts lining, allowing you to make the work more safely and efficiently. Action adaptation T-MAG is based on a powerful magnet, temporarily attached to the body of the mill, thus providing sufficient staff perefuterovke distance from the shock zone Thunderbolt.

Company RME recommends that T-MAG devices used with all hammers Thunderbolt.

Tool kit T-MAG allows replacement of lining blocks faster and safer due to the following:

  • Guaranteed "aiming" Thunderbolt hammer on the bolts protruding from the mill;
  • Prevent damage to the mill, and the bolt holes through the effective direction of the hammer, and even in the case when the bolt is flattened at the mill, by avoiding contact with the surface around the bolt;
  • Minimal probability of splits and bolt guide centered and controlled by blows;
  • Collection efficiency of metal fragments using an adapter T-MAG as they arise.

Unit T-MAG passed extensive testing in the application, in terms of control on the production floor RME. Recorded data from these trials demonstrated a reduction in time spent in the ejection bolt mill, by 39%, when used in place of T-MAG manual control.

Series Adapters T-MAG is designed for the safe use of devices at all mills (with different sizes of bolts and washers) to the mining site.

T-MAG is most effective when used in sets. RME recommends four devices T-MAG per hammer Thunderbolt combined with a set of adapters to choose the size and diameter of bolts mills washers on the mining site (different sizes of bolts and washers are present at each site).