Piping systems and mechanization

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MGM-Group offers comprehensive solutions in the field of wear-resistant piping systems:
  • of measurements on the site of the alleged operation,
  • designing trails connect, povortonyh sites, etc.
  • supplied and services;
  • development and manufacture of individual products to be installed in specific areas;
  • delivery of standard components of pipelines.

The combination of various piping systems and solutions allows to choose optimal configuration in terms of price / quality:

  • wear rubber piping and components;
  • polymer (polyethylene) pipes and accessories;
  • polimernoarmirvannye lines (PAT) and accessories;
  • couplings and docking systems;
  • mettallicheskih gumming tanks and components;
  • other technical solutions.

Production capacity lokalizvoany in Russia that allows us to offer the most favorable conditions of supply. The production is certified for Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008. Products, prednazanchennye for use in high-risk industries have any appropriate certification.